I Help Special Needs Parents

create their new life and happy ending

This is our new normal. I found the secrets to turn our family around and you can have that same breakthrough too.

I believe in you and know that you can have your happy family. Reclaim your life.

Let's face it: all your friends are living the life of their dreams while your drowning trying to find your way as a special need parent.

​You're on your last nerve and you're looking around for someone to give you more than just a sympathetic look when you're talking about your day. Or all your girlfriends are getting together later for some laughs and you're dying on the inside because there's no way for you to join them.

​And If you hear one more well-intended and inappropriate comment you're going to lose it.

​I mean, you have feelings too!  Why does life have to be so hard?

I understand how you feel, because I have been there too.

​If you can't figure out why everything is so crazy mixed up and the people you thought you could count on just don't have your back - well I do.

​That's why I created a simple 5-step chaos to calm coaching system that will help you have that gratifying, joy-filled, family that you deserve.
As a special needs mom there's a new play-book with new rules and boundaries that you need.

Living your life with confidence, purpose
and lasting love.

Step 1
What's your dream? What do you long to have and be? What is your dream family? What are you missing?
Let's talk

Step 2
Have a customized action plan for success. Remove the roadblocks holding you back.
Getting you to your goals

Step 3
Having the life you've always dreamed of living. Reclaim the life of your dreams.

Get quick answers to crazy.

I have your back........

  • Simple life lessons to apply immediately for instant relief
  • From my heart to yours - it takes a woman who is walking in your shoes
  • Shortcuts to understanding why you feel like a failure when you're not
  • Discover that special needs moms are really super-heroes in disguise, even if you're too humble to accept your cap
  • How to create meaningful relationships
  • Let go of those situations that create conflict in your life
  • Love the life and circumstances you've been given with grace
  • Find your purpose

The book everyone has been waiting for.
The book I was looking for when my kids were little.

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