Life Hacks

The Secrets to Making Fabulous Meals Without Expensive Meal Kits It doesn’t matter if it’s raining or the sun is shining, we have work to do every day. People are depending on us to drive them to the doctors or therapists, grocery shopping, cooking, keeping up with all the correspondence in your home, including lots […]

TGIF What You Can Learn From the Funnies

Let’s Laugh Today When it comes to being a special needs mom, humor, laughter, giggling, hilarity, and amusement should be your daily vitamin. I think of humor as the aspirin to life’s headaches.I found this amazingly funny website today while researching this blog post. Here’s the full credit for all their good stuff, ​ This is […]

What Is Mommy Guilt?

​Her Confession Broke My Heart and Yours Will Too A mom standing in the back of the room on the brink of tears, asked how do I handle the guilt that I’m not doing enough for my child with special needs? Wow, what a stunning question. It was painful to hear and I imagine even more painful […]

Surprising Benefits of Ice Cream

McDonald's hot fudge sundae

I put ice cream flavors in categories loosely by the calendar year. In the fall I love peppermint, the rest of the year it is mint chocolate chip, and then nuts. My fast – like I want it now are from Chick-fil-a, a vanilla cone or Mickey-D’s hot fudge sundae loaded with chocolate sauce. Now you […]

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